Elani Studios is a creative agency known for innovative solutions powered by imagination


We Create Experience

When your customers engage with your brand, like it or not, a story is conveyed and an experience is delivered. We are in the business of helping you gain control of that story and delivering an experience that is positive, immersive and conducive to converting into sales from happy customers.

Our Happy Customers

Some of our clients shared their experience of working with us...

Dr. Jeanne Brooks

"I found working with Elani to be refreshing after coming from another self-publishing company. Anika has spent numerous hours with me, hearing my vision and helping me cultivate it to reality. I truly believe, with Elani supporting me with their expertise, my dream will be fully realized."

Diana Garcia
Dulce Diana

"I had no idea going into this that it would be so much work. Creating a brand takes a level of expertise that Anika was able to provide. Anika has been there every step of the way to guide me."

Kim Lacey Schock

"I want to publicly thank Anika for ALL that she does and for her devotion to this cookbook. Her long hours of editing, book layout, picture taking...Her mind is a mechanical machine of know-how and how to, which “Back Roads Country Living” would of never gotten out the gates if it had not been for her."

Creating a magazine From the ground up.

Excellence Living Magazine, the brainchild of Elani Studios founder, and a business partner is a regional print magazine with a national digital reach.  Creative direction came exclusively from Elani Studios including setting up this cupcake ad campaign for a local advertiser.  Fun!
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Our Process

You've seen it in your head. You've also observed bits and pieces in the marketplace that resonated with you but it wasn't quite the way you would do it. You are full of ideas and concepts. It's our job to extract those ideas and make it come to life.

Creativity powered by Imagination. Always.

We are a full-service creative agency that supports the client from conception to delivery and beyond.  Brand strategy, product development, digital distribution and creative design are just a few of the building blocks we deploy to support your business.

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Strategic Digital Solutions

Capturing your vision and aligning it with your business strategy is at the heart of what we do at Elani Studios. Whether you are Making the Brand or Making the Book, we come alongside you to bring your ideas to life.

Making the Brand
Making the Book
Digital & Print
  • Your Technical Partner To Establish Your Online Presence

    Your digital footprint begins with your branded web presence. We harness your story, your capabilities and your offerings to create an authentic expression of your space.  
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  • We Get Your Book Polished and Published. We Polish You Up Too.

    Publishing a book is challenging. Throw in book design and brand strategy to sell your books and you are apt to give up before you even start. However, we have distilled the process to make it not only manageable but enjoyable!


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  • Photography that Shines.

    There is nothing like capturing a story through photography and cinematography.  We offer Art Direction for all our projects and deploy photography and cinematography services where needed.
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  • Engaging, Purposeful, and Relevant.

    Who said print was dead?! Through synergy with digital distribution you can build a formidable marketing strategy with print that can give a sharp competitive edge over the competition.
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