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Anika Janelle Pettiford

The transformation of a grounded caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly is one of the wonders of nature that parallels what we do here at Elani Studios.  It is one of my greatest joys to see the potential in an individual and their craft and transform it into a powerhouse brand.  Branding is more than just what I call “bringing out the pretty”,  but it is about bringing out the voice of the voiceless and developing the wings of what was once buried on the inside into the glorious light.  Enabling what was once grounded to soar to dizzying heights.


360 Personal Branding.
Purposeful and creative approach. Always.

We have built digital media hubs specifically for our Author and Entertainment clients to showcase their work. Elani Publishing and Elani Music gets you to center stage where your personal brand gets seen and your personal voice gets heard. We offer special packages where your brand goes through the 360 process of birth to launch.
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