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Dr Jeanne Brooks

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Dr. Jeanne Brooks has a Ph.D. in psychology working in the field for over twenty-five years. She had a private practice with the Samaritan Counseling Center of East Texas with her specialty areas working with troubled adolescents, alcohol and drug addiction, as well as helping children and families adjust to divorce.
Dr. Brooks worked in local schools providing programming for alcohol/drug abuse and violence prevention. She worked closely with the local Juvenile Probation Office providing parenting, alcohol and drug abuse, and healthy coping groups. Finally, she worked closely with the Courts in her area and surrounding counties providing mental health assessments, referral, and treatment services for children and parents adjusting to divorce.
Her passion clearly has been working in crisis care with children.  She currently is a full-time professor teaching graduate and Ph.D. students’ clinical skills and has a part-time private practice with Advanced Psychotherapeutics.