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"I found working with Elani to be refreshing after coming from another self-publishing company. Anika has spent numerous hours with me, hearing my vision and helping me cultivate it to reality. I truly believe, with Elani supporting me with their expertise, my dream will be fully realized."

Dr. Jeanne Brooks

Author & International Speaker

"I had no idea going into this that it would be so much work. Creating a brand takes a level of expertise that Anika was able to provide. Anika has been there every step of the way to guide me."

Diana Garcia

President - Dulce Diana

"I want to publicly thank Anika for ALL that she does and for her devotion to this cookbook. Her long hours of editing, book layout, picture taking...Her mind is a mechanical machine of know-how and how to, which “Back Roads Country Living” would of never gotten out the gates if it had not been for her."

Kim Lacey Schock


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